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Cat care essentials

If you have a cat you must have felt that love towards it when it comes and sits beside you and starts to rub its head against you. I love those moments, when my cat wants attention and when it wants to be taken care of. After all these years I am still every time surprised when Waffles, my cat, jumps on my lap and makes himself comfortable. But you have to care about your cats and share love in order to receive love from them.

Every cat needs to take a shower at least once every 3 to 4 days. You have to bring it every month to the veterinarian to check everything. Good and diverse food and a warm and comfortable place to sleep will make the life perfect for them. But not every breed has the same needs.

Care trough breeds

The Persian cat has very long fur, that needs to be kept clean. But it's hard to wash it good, because of its density, so you need besides washing it to brush it also regularly. Both needs to be done every day.

The Siamese cats have short fur, but still need to be kept clean and washed every second or third day. They have a much bigger problem than the Persian cats with their fur - they get depressed. Yes, if you don't give them enough attention and if they are often home alone they get depressed. That causes other illnesses and they die earlier.

Besides wanting to be clean the chubby little British Shorthair cat must be also put on a diet. They become easily obese, especially if they are always in - door. As every other cat breed, British Shorthair cats can develop a allergy towards plastic bowls. So make sure you feed them from a metal or glass bowl, better metal, from obvious reasons.