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Welkom op de site van Cattery Bakselottie. Mijn naam is Marianne Baks en samen met mijn man heb ik een Brits Korthaar Cattery in Deventer.

Op deze pagina staan nieuwtjes over onze cattery.


Welkom op de site van Cattery Bakselottie. Mijn naam is Marianne Baks en samen met mijn man heb ik een Brits Korthaar Cattery in Deventer. Op deze pagina staan nieuwtjes over onze cattery.

Een paar jaar geleden was deze ruimte nog onze garage. Om de katers wat meer bij de poezen te betrekken hebben wij deze omgebouwd tot cattery. De cattery is voorzien van een groot raam zodat er genoeg zonlicht binnen komt voor de katers. De rest van de poezen lopen vrij rond in huis en hebben hun eigen krabpalen om te slapen en te spelen. De deur van de cattery staat altijd open en zo hebben wij alle zicht op de katers en de katers op ons. Onze dames kunnen in het voorportaal even de heren bezoeken. Uiteraard is er een deur, die gesloten wordt voor de poezen als er een poes op dekking is, zodat er in de cattery de nodige rust is.


We hebben een kleine Cattery, waar gelet wordt op gezondheid, uiterlijk en natuurlijk het karakter van de kitten. Door veel ervaring en tips uit te wisselen met andere Cattery’s, is deze pagina ontstaan.

Omdat we lid zijn van de Neocat, en daar ook onze catteryregistratie hebben, zullen daar ook de stambomen voor de kittens aangevraagd worden.

Mocht de poes niet opnemen, dan mag u bij de volgende krolsheid terugkomen voor een herdekking. U mag met de poes 2 maal terug komen voor een herdekking, daarna vervalt de herdekkingen. Als er slechts 1 of geen levende kittens geboren worden, mag u terug komen voor een herdekking (een jaar geldig vanaf de dag van de bevalling). Mochten er 2 kittens geboren worden, dan mag u een herdekking voor de helft van het dekgeld (150 euro). Dit geldt alleen voor de poes die op dekking was. Tevens moet deze poes wel weer getest zijn op FiV/FeLV en uiteraard geënt zijn.

Reasons why we love cats

There is a forever - lasting battle between dog and cat lovers. Some people love their dogs, their energy and everything, and other people, girls or even escorts love their cats because they are calm, ingratiating and so sweet. But I have only one thing to say about it: people, calm down! Not everyone loves the things you do, and the things you love are not the only right things to love. Other people may have other opinions and different sights at life and what is good and beautiful. There is also a third kind of people - the ones that love both cats and dogs. Once I met an escort form sexemodel, online, that had three dogs and five cats. Can you imagine how much that is?

I, personally, don't like dogs at all. They are too energetic, make too much mess and seem just so stupid in their jumping and everything. Their tongue is full with bacteria, and they are often not very clean at all. But one thing I love about them, is that they make so much people happy, and even save lives and cheer up the ones who love them. That is amazing.

Our cats

And my cat does the same to me. She is a English shorthair and I call her Momo. She loves to cuddle, as many other cats, and if I spend an hour without looking at her or talking to her, she would come to me, lift up her paw and touch my hand or leg, just as a real person, to remind me that it's her time now. I love her really much, especially because she is always there and much like myself she loves to lay down on the sofa, sleep a lot and enjoy the passive life.

If you are an escort Paris and you want a pet that is smart, but sometimes makes dumb and funny things, that loves to cuddle and is never over-energetic. If you want a pet that is always clean, small and easy to wash and generally take care of, than a cat is just right for you. Be sure to always give them enough love, and pay attention to them, because they often remember things. If you ignore them, they will also ignore you. Take a lot time to pick the right breed, because different breeds have different features and love and hate different stuff.

British shorthair cats, as Momo, are not that active, but sweet - natured and they are very devoted to their owners. But they don't like to be picked up or carried. Siamese cats are the total opposite of British shorthair cats. They are very playful, bond often to only one person and are more dog - like than any other cats. Their laud, low-pitched voice will make you either love or hate them.

If you as a working escort Paris want a beautiful Maine Coon cat, than you will have to take care of its diet and health. But it will be worth it because they are very playful cats with a gentle personality. But if you have other animals in your household, than you should get a Scottish Fold. They are intelligent and very attached to their human caregivers and by nature quite affectionate. Folds get easily depressed if you don't pay much attention to them.